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C.Bansal: Your Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire Supplier since 1986
Eminent gemstone dealer C. Bansal from Germany is specialist for the The Big Three’:

Emeralds from Colombia, Zambia and Brazil;
Rubies from India, Burma, Thailand and Africa;
Sapphires from Australia, Madagascar and Sri Lanka. The sapphires in particular come in an exquisite array of multi-colours, such as blue, yellow, pink, white, orange, green and padparadscha shades.

In the show, more than 40 pairs of precious stones (between 4 and 50 Carats) will be presented. Some of the many highlight of the collection will be a rare no heated 8ct. round padparadscha ; a 7,17 ct. GRS Certificate Muzo (vivid) Green Minor Oil Pair of Emerald Octagon from Colombia and a unique 10,79 ct. GRS Certificated . red transparent heated (HA) Ruby Oval from Burma.

Established in 1986, Mr Chandra Mohan Bansal set up the company in Idar-Oberstein with the vision to offer sapphires, rubies and emeralds at fair prices to his esteemed clients.

Exhibitor: C. Bansal OHG