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NIVREL watch making Course and Seminar

For the first time ever, NIVREL will present a very special event for friends of the watch brand. Within the NIVREL watch making course and seminar participants will not only receive an insight into the fascinating world of a watchmaker: they will learn the basics about mechanical watches and their complications, about mechanical movements in detail, and to understand and build their individual NIVREL timepiece under the guidance of one of our master watchmakers. In a professional course room, each participant receives his own work bench with own tools and professional lighting. The courses are designed to provide maximum care for the participants and are therefore limited to a maximum of 5 participants per weekend. This ensures that there is always enough time for questions and answers for each participant during the seminar days and maximum technical assistance can be provided when building the watch.

During the seminar, each participant will receive his own NIVREL watch Replique Manuelle, Ref. N 322.001 which he will assemble by himself. NIVREL guarantees perfection in the work at the conclusion of the seminar by issuing the warranty certificate.

During the weekend seminar, participants will get to know both NIVREL production sites in Saarbrücken: the watch making workshop at NIVREL and the goldsmith workshops at the Kraemer jewelry store. The seminar starts at NIVREL in the district of Saarbrücken St. Arnual. During the day there will be a transfer to the Kraemer jewelry store in downtown Saarbrücken.

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Exhibitor: NIVREL Uhren - Gerd Hofer GmbH