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Established in 1919 in the Goldstadt Pforzheim as Fischer & Sohn, today the family-owned company is managed by the fourth and fifth generation. This is because tradition is only possible if it is accompanied by a dynamic spirit of innovation and a philosophy of uncompromising quality.

The exceptional quality of Fischer wedding rings and constant innovative thinking are important success factors for Fischer. This success is created by the Fischer employees who every day manufacture enchanting wedding rings of the highest quality making them a symbol of love for a courting couple and the beginning of their wonderful journey through life together.

The Fischer product range includes rings for all special moments in life: from wedding rings to solitaire and memoire rings. In respect of design, the company has been a pioneer for a number of years. The well-known rose ring and rings with the exceptional material of carbon are only a few highlights in the vast collection.

Products and services

The Fischer range includes rings for all special moments in life, from friendship rings to solitaires, memoire and wedding rings including rings with exceptional materials such as carbon or ceramic.

In respect of design, the company has been a pioneer for a number of years. The well-known rose ring with the outside/in principle serves as starting point for a whole collection of wedding rings with floral design. Bristling with new ideas, Fischer has landed a hit with its inhouse apricot gold alloy. The warm shade of colour fits in beautifully with every skin complexion and lets the skin shine.

The combination of apricot gold and the material of carbon has a wonderful effect achieved through the strong contrast between the natural warmth of apricot gold and elegant black.

Fischer also offers a range of solitaire engagement and proposal rings.

Fischer will take care of the ring - only the proposal needs to be made!
Fischer & Sohn - FischerCarbon® - BurstWithPride

Collection FischerCarbon® - Wedding rings with 950/- Palladium and FischerCarbon®. Ladies' ring with 7 diamonds (in total 0.063 ct.)

Fischer & Sohn - New Classic

Wedding rings in 585/- white gold, Ladies' ring with 1 diamond (0.02 ct.)

Fischer & Sohn - Solitaire - SagJa!

Collection Solitaire - proposal ring with 585/- apricot gold and 1 solitaire diamond

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News & Innovations

Fischer & Sohn - Winner of the German Design Award

Fischer as winner of the German Design Award 2017 - category „Luxury Goods“
The German Design Award is one of the most widely recognised international design awards, honouring first-rate entries in the field of product and communications design. This international premium award is assigned by the German Design Council. The German Design Award’s primary goal is to discover, showcase and honour internationally outstanding design trends.

The beautiful Platinum ring from the Fischer manufactory could convince the international committee. They honoured the high-class jubilee ring, which was designed for the occacsion of the jubilee of 250 years of the watches & jewels industry in Pforzheim.
„We are very proud of this design award", says Wolfgang Fischer, owner of Fischer & Sohn. „Fischer is outstanding in the area of design within the wedding ring market. The German Design Award encourages us not only to further develop excellent designs, but also highly values the traditional craftsmanship in accord with modern technology."

Fischer & Sohn - Flora collection

After the big success of the 'rose ring', Fischer & Sohn has taken up the theme of 'Inside/Out' and launched new models to the collection with the floral design, distinguished by blossom and entwined leafs.

"Fischer fascinates. Not only women." This collection appeals also to the future husband. The ladies often prefer a playful and charming style whereas the men prefer a classic, plain design.
The ladies can enjoy the external visible floral pattern every day while the men wear a ring which externally looks like a plain wedding ring. But even though both wedding rings at first glance do not have a connection. The wedding couple knows that a reassuring part of these high quality rings is the same and that the rings belong together, just as they themselves do.

FischerCarbon® - Black & Beautiful

Black, beautiful and precious - these are the adjectives which describe the FischerCarbon® collection of Fischer & Sohn, manufacturer of wedding rings.

Fischer & Sohn introduced wedding rings with carbon six years ago. The material of carbon is excellently suited to the manufacture of wedding rings in terms of its properties and design potential. Individual manual processing of the carbon makes each ring a unique product.

Yet all Fischer wedding rings have something in common: exceptional quality as they are 100% made in Germany and manufactured with careful attention to detail and extreme precision under sustainable manufacturing conditions.

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