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Breuning – the international brand for fine jewellery and wedding rings
with their collections Pure Love – Pure Elegance – Pure Fashion Breuning knows how to mesmerize with authentic jewellery in gold plus Sterling silver, for wedding rings there is a huge variety of styles available.

The company is one of the leading independent manufacturers of wedding rings in Europe.

The success of the brand is above all based on the combination of innovative design and first class quality in craftsmanship. This extraordinary concept of competence in design and execution has been embraced for years by Breuning. The now CEO and third generation of the family run company founded in 1927, Marcus Breuning always highlights the importance of this company tradition. To further assure future success Breuning has special CNC and CAD machinery which is unique world-wide. This has earned the brand international renown. And consumers all over the world appreciate Breuning jewellery.

Products and services

Breuning is a modern brand with a broad product portfolio.
At the fair Breuning will present the very latest of designs from all its three lines.

Pure Love stands for wedding and engagement rings, jewellery that communicates the everlasting love to the person you care for most.

Especially the wedding ring collections with their extraordinary selection of designs cover all wishes and range from convenient prices to exclusive rings.

Pure Elegance highlights the latest developments in fine jewellery.
Premium class jewellery made of gold stands for a pronounced sense of style and self-confidence. The sheer elegance of the pieces emphasizes their unique style

And Pure Fashion comprises the trendy Sterling silver pieces that fit in with a modern lifestyle. Very innovative pieces of jewellery, lively and with lots of enthusiasm. Each item is a statement which makes the woman wearing it stand out.

Breuning Pure Love wedding rings Joy

Joyful pair of wedding rings, a modern combination of white and rose gold with sparkling diamonds, expressing the essence of Breuning Pure Love – pure love is everlasting.

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Breuning Pure Love wedding & engagement ring Temptation

A temptation in white gold and diamonds, a modern interpretation giving a couple in love the choice of engagement and / or set of wedding rings – Breuning Pure Love – pure love is everlasting.

Breuning Pure Fashion Sterling silver jewellery

Breuning Pure Fashion – modern urban lifestyle in one design, this gorgeous set of jewellery in Sterling silver with partial rose gold plating stands tale-telling for this season’s collection, emphasizing the personal style of the person who wears this jewellery
Breuning Pure Fashion – my life is so pure fashion

Breuning GmbH
Luisenstr. 60
75172 Pforzheim

Phone: +49 7231 9320
Fax: +49 7231 932200
Internet: www.breuning.com
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Contact person

Eugen Lang
Sales Area Manager
Phone: +49 7231 9320
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News & Innovations

Breuning Pure Lines - Pure Fascination

Breuning presents their incredible new designs for all their three product lines.
In Pure Love, the line that stands for jewellery around the big emotions like engagements and wedding rings, a new large variety adds to the huge selection of wedding ring designs. Further there is a very successful system for engagement jewellery on show.

In Pure Elegance, the brand’s line of high-end gold jewellery and Pure Fashion, a contemporary line of designs in Sterling Silver you’ll get a glimpse of the latest collections for autumn/winter 2017. Jewellery that mesmerizes.

Breuning Pure Fascination in Jewellery through all their three lines:
Pure Love – Pure Elegance – Pure Fashion

Further details at the Breuning website www.breuning.com

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