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Umicore Electroplating is the Umicore Group’s central body for electroplating and is responsible for product development, production, sales and service coordination in around 60 countries.

The company boasts a long history in Schwäbisch Gmünd reaching back to 1888. Founded as a precious metals refinery, the company is now a globally leading company in precious metal electroplating. Umicore Electroplating is a wholly owned subsidiary of Allgemeine Gold- und Silberscheideanstalt AG, Pforzheim, whose majority owner is the Umicore Group.

Electroplating is currently referred to as a cross-sectional technology, as it is used on almost all everyday products and/or facilitates their production. Almost all renowned producers in the communications, automotive and jewellery industries directly or indirectly use items that have been plated using Umicore products from Schwäbisch Gmünd.

Products and services

Electrolytes for costume jewellery and luxury jewellery

Are you looking for electrolytes for the surfaces of costume jewellery and luxury jewellery? Brilliant sparkling finishing layers are popular worldwide – we serve you with a carefully arranged variety of electrolytes for noble surfaces, by the way, also for timepieces.

Currently, our new top product RHODUNA® Diamond Bright is particularly trendy. Worldwide, it arouses astonishment with gleaming white surfaces, which are more brilliant than previously known on the market.


AURUNA® 502 is a neutral, cadmium-free gold copper electrolyte working without free cyanide. The red surfaces are bright, very hard and abrasion-resistant.

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RHODUNA® Alloy is the first alloy electrolyte in the world combining the high-quality metals rhodium and ruthenium. The basic materials of the new coating are truly royal: A mixture of rhodium, one of the world‘s most valuable precious metal, and the platinum group metal ruthenium.

Its white colour is absolutely equivalent to that of a pure rhodium layer. The electrolyte has all the quality characteristics of high-grade rhodium coatings and surpasses them in durability and uniformity.

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RHODUNA® 470 Black

RHODUNA® 470 Black adds a superior final layer to jewellery with a thickness up to 0.3 μm. The layer persuades with good corrosion resistance. The electrolyte is perfectly suited for applications where black ruthenium cannot fulfill the requested abrasion requirements.

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