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ERNST & FRIENDS team provides specialist expertise along with a personal, bespoke consultation service.  Our main strengths are quality, speed and reliability. As an independent private company, we can accommodate your individual requirements. We guarantee first-class and innovative quality products, sourced from the global market, and always featuring state-of-the-art technology. We are PARTNER for specialist wholesalers of jewellery and watch technology. From our solid network of more than 300 suppliers, partners and producers of high-end equipment and tools who are
constantly setting new standards in industry and wholesale trade. After all, there is no let-up in the development of our customers requirements. We are happy to create bespoke product ranges for you in our role as a partner for the wholesale trade.

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CT603 Waage

Prac-tec® Carat scale, 0,001ct – 550ct, LCD backlit display, fully automatic and internal calibration

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SmartPro Screen I

The smartest and fastest Diamond Tester in the World
that can screen earth-mined colorless Diamond type Ia,
Ib from lab created synthetic type IIa, IIb CVD/HPHT
colorless Diamond. Furthermore many more features
are included, e.g. auto testing function, smart touch
testing switch, laser target pointer, can test from 0.01ct
to 12ct loose or mounted Diamond. Bluetooth Connectivity, Free SmartPro App

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SmartPro Reader I

Multitester Reader I for Diamonds, Moissanite, Forever Moissanite, various Simulants, Bluetooth Connectivity, Free SmartPro App

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News & Innovations

Smart Pro PRIMO I GEM Gauge

The highly effective and precise Diamond and Gem-Stone gauge for nearly all loose and mounted stones will be presented

For the first time at the Jewellery show in Hong Kong.

The device has a Bluetooth function and is connectable with your mobile or pad via the Smart Pro App.

It measures stones between 0,01 up to 28mm and has an accuracy of 0,01mm.

You can find further information at www.ernst-friends.com

Brand new scale line for Gold and Diamonds

Ernst & Friends proudly presents at the Hong Kong Jewellery and Gem Fair the new prac-tec® scale line.

The CT 603 carat scale and the gold scale G2002 under the brand prac-tec® are brandnew on the market and stand for reliable technology, easy handling and a good price-ratio.

The key facts are: Small windshield, 3 year of warranty, fully automatic, built-in calibration.

You can find further information at www.ernst-friends.com

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