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ALBILEX, founded in 1957 and located near Frankfurt/Germany, develops and produces among others specialty chemicals for the surface finishing industry. We supply to customers in the jewellery and electronics industry in over 30 countries and are also known as a toll manufacturer in this field. The product range includes pretreatment chemicals (ultrasonic cleaners, degreasers, polish etchants, activation chemicals, antifoaming agents) and post-treatment chemicals (passivation solutions to avoid corrosion, oxidation and discoloration of metal surfaces) for a broad range of metals and alloys. Furthermore we supply selective precious metal electrolytes (dip and pen) and dimension-stable anodes and equipment for electroplating proceses. ALBILEX is a responsible supplier and operates a quality management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 as well as an environmental management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14001:2015.

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Chemicals for Pretreatment and Post-Treatment of Surface Finishing Processes - Antitarnish/Passivation-Products - Ultrasonic Cleaners - Degreasers - Polish Etchants - Activation Chemiclas - Precious Metal Electrolytes - Anodes.


Passivation of precious metal surfaces (silver + low carat gold alloys) by immersion process to protect from tarnishing, discoloration and oxidation.

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Ultrasonic cleaner for all metals in jewelry industry.

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Dimension-stable anodes - MMO or platinised titanium anodes - for electroplating processes.

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Metal Revolution Co., Ltd.
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News & Innovations

Antitarnish-A-100 READY-MIX and Antitarnish-A-100 PRO-KIT READY-MIX

The ready-for-use solutions of passivation products for immersion processes (Antitarnish-A-100) and electrophoretic processes (Antitarnish-A-100 PRO-KIT) for quick and easy handling. More at www.antitarnish.info.

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