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Koras® GmbH

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About us

KORAS® offer complex solutions in the field of the precious metal recycling technology, including also refining, wastewater treatment, incinerators, exhaust systems and laboratory technology.
Thorsten Koras, founder of the company, is in touch with the market and understands the needs of customers.

He is a technology expert with more than 30 years of experience: Customers on all five continents benefit from his expertise, reliable advice and economic solutions.

For more than six years, KORAS® GmbH is active on the market and is continuously developing several innovative and economic systems in the premium class. This year in spring, we launched two new products on the market, the GRC Gold Recovery System especially to recover gold from different kind of wastes. In addition to our well-known electro-polishing machine Aqua-Pol® the Aqua-Pol® Micro.

Products and services

Surface Technology:

  • Electro Polishing Aqua-Pol® and Aqua-Pol® Micro
  • Magnetic Shiners
  • Circular Vibrators

Precouis Metall Refining:

  • Precious Metal Recycling Tumbler TB
  • Gold Recovery System GRC
  • Gold Refining GE AU, Silver Refining SE AG 
  • Gold Electrolysis IQ
  • Resin Recovery RSU 
  • Water Treatment WT
  • Assay Laboratory
  • Platinum/Palladium/Rhodium Refining CAPT
  • Microfiltration MIF
  • Koras Separas® 
  • Osmosis Unit OSS
  • OROclaim electrolysis
  • Water Treatment WT
  • I & E Waste Recycling
  • Ball Mill and Powder Mixer
  • Incineration Furnaces ICF
KORAS® Gold Recovery System GRC

KORAS® Gold Recovery System GRC

The GRC Gold Recovery System is especially to recover gold from grinding and polishing sludge, scraps, sweepings and ashes. As a matter of course the recovery of gold from solutions such as rinsing baths, polishing baths etc. is also possible.
It consists of a completely new concept of a dissolving unit and an electrolytic cell. In one step, the precious metals can be recovered directly from the above mentioned waste.
The dissolving at room temperature additionally saves energy costs.

KORAS® Electro-Polishing Machine Aqua-Pol®

KORAS® Electro-Polishing Machine Aqua-Pol®

Electro-polishing is the most gentle and cleanest way to give jewelry pieces a pure surface, for further process. The new Aqua-Pol® compact system achieves this quickly and economically with precision and only requires little space. Furthermore KORAS® has developed process liquids whose qualities are considerably superior to standard electrolyte. Effectiveness in a wide range of applications, easy handling and a long service life – the electrolyte from Koras GmbH achieves measureable advantages.

KORAS® Gold Refining Tumbler TB

KORAS® Gold Refining Tumbler TB

This gold refining tumbler is a new technology compared to the static refining plants. This refining unit consists of a PPH-tumbler inclined to 30° and rotated by a motor, with the possibility to adjust the rotation speed. Thanks to the rotation forces, the gold grains continuously rub against each other and remove the silver chloride. This procedure reduces the complete dissolution time. The unit is available in different sizes from 2,5 kg to max. 360 kg output per production period.

News & Innovations

KORAS® Electro-Polishing Machine Aqua-Pol® Micro 

especially for small parts Electro-polishing is the most gentle and cleanest way to give jewelry pieces in an industrial production process a smooth, ultra-pure surface, for further processes. Our Aqua-Pol ® product lines achieve this very efficiently with precision and the system require...| » Further reading 

Magnetic Shiners 

Used mainly in jewelry and in dental machines. Magnetic Shiners are used for polishing of jewelry with stones and jewels that have small undercuts and cavities that are difficult to reach. They are widely used in polishing of small parts and non-ferrous metals. The machine uses a strong magnetic ...| » Further reading 

Circular Vibrators 

This is a universal machine used for all the wet processes of finishing –Roughing, Sanding and Polishing on jewelry parts, all ferrous alloys especially stainless steel. The machine uses vibration effect that is transmitted to a polyurethane tank by an adjustable masses vibrator. Thus, the materi...| » Further reading 


Koras® GmbH
Hauptstr. 66
75331 Engelsbrand

Phone: +49 7082 7928300
Fax: +49 7082 7928328

Thorsten Koras
Phone: +49 7082 7928300

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